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Tutorial - How to Use File Filter?

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As time goes on, deleted files will increase in hard disks. If you want to recover them, most importantly you should know how to find them quickly from numerous deleted files. Free File Recovery Wizard provides fast methods for either partition deleted files or scanned files searching. The complete functions for file searches lets you quickly filter the files by the condition of file name, part of file name or file extension for a certain kind of deleted files you want. Thus, you can save a lot of time and energy.
Use File Filter

Use File Filter

It's easy to find the deleted files you want.

You can manually specify a string included in name of the deleted files in "Enter filter text here...". Check "Show system files and unknown file types" if needed. Click "Scan Files..." to start searching for the deleted files.

You can also specify the string to quickly find the files you need when the deleted files are listed.

Within seconds, the deleted files with the string you specified will be listed in the program window. These files can be arranged by name, type, size, last modified time, storage path and so on.

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